Tips for Tree Pruning in Bronx NY

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Trees are perennial plants that perform many functions for humans and the environment. They provide humans with many fruits including apples, pears and plums. Trees also produce oxygen as a byproduct of photosynthesis and provide shading against the sun. Trees in residential areas should be pruned regularly to guard against disease. Tree pruning in Bronx NY area also alters trees to a desired shape that will complement the landscape. Use the following tips to remove selected tree parts.

Before you start pruning your trees, decide the reason for pruning. Are you wanting to remove diseased tree parts? Do you want to shape the tree for design purposes? Are you trees growing into power lines? The reason for your pruning along with the size of your tree will determine whether you perform the job or hire a professional. If you are unsure whether a tree part is diseased, it’s preferable to let an arborist look at it. Bulky trees or tall trees often require climbing and heavy saws. Unless you are experienced at this, let a professional perform the needed pruning. However, if you are comfortable with the health of your tree and it’s manageable, you can prune it yourself.

Late winter or fall, the dormant season, is a favorable time for Tree Pruning in Bronx NY. This will help prevent sap loss. When pruning, it’s essential to protect the trunk of the tree. Tree branches extend from stems a nodes. Tree pruning should always take place on the branch side of this branch-stem node. This means you will cut on the outer portion of the node away from the center of the tree. Make a small indention on the underside of branch on the branch side of the branch-stem node. Next, make another cut closer to end of the branch. Finally, make a mark close to the center of the tree.

Cutting trees involves observing them before pruning. When performing this pruning, remember that safety is the number one priority. Don’t work on trees when it’s raining or lightening. When using a ladder, it should be sturdy and on a flat surface. When you commit yourself, you can have trees that are healthy and beautified.
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