Tips on Maintaining a Tile Roof in Richmond, VA

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The roof on any structure is the barrier between your home and the outside elements. Unlike traditional asphalt shingle roofing, a tile roof is likely to last much longer if it is properly maintained. A routine inspection of the roof is necessary no matter what materials it is composed of. Failure to routinely inspect and perform necessary repairs can result in costly repairs on the structure of your home. it is not uncommon for homeowners to overlook a situation that may require repair simply because they may not understand what to look for with tile roofing. Here are some tips on maintaining a tile roof in Richmond, VA.

While inspecting your roof you will need to look for things such as chipped or cracked tiles. Damage noticed must be corrected immediately. This can be as simple as replacing a few of the tiles. This is a job for a professional roofing contractor. It’s best that you notify one and let them know what type of damage you have discovered. They can assess the damage and perform the necessary repairs.

Although tile is an extremely durable roofing product you are never suppose to pressure wash it. If you feel it’s necessary to clean the roofing tiles you will need to do so with a wire brush. It is a manual process and may take a great deal of time. Proper cleaning will improve the appearance of your roof.

Once you have cleaned your tile roof in Richmond, VA you will want to apply a coat of sealant. If you are going to totally refurbish the roof you will need to buff it first. This can be done by using a clean rag. This will remove the chalk-like deposits from the roof. Prime the tiles with a clear alkyd primer. If you are painting the roof you will need a heavy duty acrylic paint.

The more you understand about basic maintenance of a tile roof the more likely you will be to properly maintain yours. Tile roofing has been known to last for 50 or more years. While that may not be the situation with all roofs it is very possible especially if the roof is properly maintained. Anytime damage is noticed it is imperative that you repair that damage as soon as possible.

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