Tips on Receiving Free Cell Phones and Mobile Plans in Wisconsin

by | Apr 14, 2022 | Broadband Service


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There are free government cell phones in Wisconsin. To qualify, people and families must meet a few criteria. Once approved, they will get a smartphone and internet plan.


This communication project is not new. It was first enacted in the late 1980s, but it has become very popular again due to the pandemic. It has made it possible for many low-income families to stay connected to friends, school, and work. The project gives out free government cell phones in Wisconsin, and it stays current with technology and trends.


To receive the phone and mobile plan, an individual must be considered low-income. A household can get one plan. For this program, the government considers a household a group that lives under the same roof and shares bills and income. People that live in nursing facilities or shelters may qualify for their own phones because they do not share their expenses with everyone in the building.


The politicians developed this project to specifically assist low-income households. There is an income limit, but people may also qualify if they are enrolled in government assistance programs, such as Head Start or SNAP. The phones are also available to all qualifying Native Americans.


Just because this is a government operation does not mean it is not packed with services. People will get a smartphone with caller ID and text messaging. They will be able to access the internet, watch videos, and participate in social media forums. For more information on free government cell phones in Wisconsin, contact Infiniti Mobile at .

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