Tips Regarding Irrigation for Greenhouses

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2018


Irrigation is a big part of any greenhouse operation. It is also one that will require the most care and attention to ensure it keeps working. The irrigation must be closely maintained because just a single day without appropriate watering on a hot summer day could kill your many of your crops! Here are some handy tips regarding irrigation for greenhouses:

Pipe wear and tear must be monitored- leaks and breaks in the pipes must be fixed immediately because it can compromise the entire system and put your entire cop at risk if the system fails.

Clean sprinkler heads regularly- depending on the quality of the water, you may have to clean the sprinkler heads once a week to make sure the water can flow freely and spread out as it needs to.

Control moss, mildew, and algae- All the moisture and humidity in greenhouses can be a problem if not properly maintained. They pose a threat to crops and also your workers as they can be a major health hazard.

Rotate crops as often as possible- changing out your crops when possible will help ensure things do not get too over crowded and will also force you to get out there and take a closer look at your irrigation system.

Use pesticides and herbicides if needed- if you have a pest problem or a bad weed outbreak it is best to use chemical assistance if possible – a bad infestation can destroy an entire greenhouse full of plants.

Maintain good air quality- keep an eye on things like air flow, temperature, humidity levels and so forth, as these all can have an impact on your crop as well as your workers.

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