Tips To Help You When Doing Garage Door Repairs

by | Jul 6, 2020 | Home Improvement


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Research shows that most home robberies occur in the garage or through the garage door. The condition of your garage door can therefore act as a huge welcome sign to crimes or a deterrent for criminals. In case you have noticed that the condition of your garage door is becoming worse, you need to call in experts in Garage door repairs in White Plains NY and have it repaired as soon as possible. Here are some tips that can help you with garage door repairs.

Determining the type of door you have

The main types of garage door material are wood and metal. Metallic doors are preferred because they are more durable and stronger than the wooden doors. Wooden doors are great for the aesthetic appeal, and when they are reinforced, they can be very strong. They however need a lot of maintenance to stay strong. Most of the doors have a system that allows them to roll up or down.

Looking for quick fixes

It is possible to look at the problems that you can fix by yourself. Here are some of the simple issues that you can fix:

1. When the door will not open or close: If you have an electric door opener, and your garage door is stuck, you may need to check the keypad. If there is a problem, you can have the door reprogrammed to regain its function.

2. When the garage door keeps getting stuck when opening or closing: This is normally caused by poor lubrication of the hinges or dirty tracks. Clean the tracks and lubricate the hinges to see whether the problem will be fixed.

3. When the garage door falls after being released: When a garage door is in good shape, it remains in position when released. If the door is falling, it could be an indication that the springs have failed. Fixing or replacing the springs will improve the problem.

These are some of the problems that can be fixed with the help of an expert in Garage door repairs in White Plains NY. To learn more about the process of repairing garage doors, you should contact ACTION LOCK & DOOR COMPANY INC..

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