Tips to Maintain Your Illinois Home Window to Get Longer Service

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2022


Your windows complement your home design, let in light, and help keep your bills low. If not well maintained, repairs and replacements are costly. Here are a few tips to get extended service from your windows:

Clean the Windows Regularly

Cleaning your windows regularly helps prevent condensation that causes cracks. It also protects the frames from molds and dust that eats at the surface in the long run. Use glass-friendly products that will not corrode or weaken the panes. Use disinfectants when cleaning the frames.

Repaint the Frames

Paint the frames regularly to protect the frames from rotting or rusting. Water-based paint is ideal as it does not peel easily. Ask for an ideal paint when doing window installation in Naperville, IL.


Lubricants prevent the tracks from jamming or rusting for easy opening and closing of the windows. Use a mild detergent to clean the window tracks or vacuum them before applying a lubricant.

Replace Cracked Panes

Replace window panes as soon as they crack to protect the rest of the window from detrimental moisture and dust. Cracked panes could break and cause an accident. Make your order for replacement windows in Wheaton, IL for safety and longevity.

Weather Proof

Storming proofing your windows protect them from damage from extreme weather changes. The E-glass protects you from UV rays and lets in warmth during winter.

Window installation in Naperville, IL is easier for new homes since you can choose the latest designs. However, you can still do replacement windows in Wheaton, IL to upgrade from the old ones that are harder to maintain.

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