Tips to Plan for Long Term-Care in Macon GA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2016


There are many people who don’t realize that up to 40 percent of all the people who are currently living in a nursing home is under the age of 65. For those who live past the age of 65, there is a 70 percent chance they will require some type of Long Term Care in Macon GA. The average cost for this care around the nation is $204 per day, which equates to about $6,000 per month. This is why it is essential to make a plan to cover long-term care costs.

Without a plan in place to pay for this care, their investments, home, boat, cabin and even retirement plan may have to be liquidated to cover it. This will result in them not having anything to leave their children.

For most, this is a plan they want to avoid. This is why it may be a good idea to purchase long-term care insurance now. This type of policy will work to pay a person’s expenses for home health care, adult day care nursing home care and assisted living when the time comes.

A person will become eligible for the benefits they have been paying for when a medical professional or a social work is able to certify that they suffer from dementia or from Alzheimer’s disease. They will also kick in if the person is no longer able to perform any tow of the following activities each day:

• Control their bowels or bladder.

• Go to the facilities on their own.

• Feed themselves.

• Bathe.

• Dress.

• Get into or out of bed.

Once a person has met these conditions, they provisions from the policy will kick in. This will provide them with the funds they need to get the care that is required for them to remain happy and healthy.

More information about long-term care insurance can be found by contacting the professionals from Stone Insurance Agency Inc. A person who is interested can also Visit the Website. This is where they will be able to find the information needed to determine the best course of action for their long- term care needs.

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