Tips & Tricks For Waste Disposal in Findlay, Ohio To Keep The Septic Tank Healthy

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


A septic tank in the beginning stages of failure can be a very unpleasant thing to behold. Most homeowners will do practically anything to avoid such a dilemma. However, one of the easiest ways to avoid this problem is as simple as taking proper care of the garbage disposal unit located within the home. Here are some tips and tricks on properly handling Waste Disposal in Findlay Ohio so the septic can enjoy a long and care-free life.

• The septic system works by enzymatic action. Simply put another way, bacteria eat away at the items entering the septic tank, albeit very slowly. If objects disposed of through the garbage disposal are too dense or heavy, the bacteria will not be able to eat away at them quickly enough. The objects will sink to the bottom and begin the clogging process that will eventually lead to septic issues.

• Food items homeowners should avoid placing in the Waste Disposal in Findlay Ohio include such things as coffee grounds, egg shells, grease, and many others. This is because the items are very difficult for the bacterial enzymes that are naturally present in the septic tank to digest. Obviously, items that are not organically based should never be placed within the garbage disposal.

• Make sure to keep the garbage disposal clean. This can be done by simply pouring a small of amount of dish soap into the disposal unit, turning the cold water on, and letting the disposal unit run for approximately one minute. By performing this simple task once a week, the solidified gunk that can form on the grinding mechanism and within the drainage pipes can be taken care of before they become problems.

• Always run cold water into the garbage disposal unit to eliminate the risk of overheating the motor. When the motor overheats, it will not run properly which, in turn, can present future problems for the septic tank system.

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