Today’s Turnkey Residential Solar Energy Solutions: A Quick Overview

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2023


During the world’s global pivot toward greener energy, the reality of harnessing solar power takes center stage. Clean, natural and economical, residential solar power is the future. How do you get your residence set up to capture and optimize solar energy today? Answer: turnkey residential solar energy solutions.

What Are Turnkey Solar Energy Solutions for Residences?

A turnkey solar energy solution is a solar energy setup that’s ready-to-use at once. The provider of the solution sees to the design, construction and installation. All you have to do is sit back, watch the professionals get you set up, and start harnessing solar power. Options include ownership, a loan or a lease.

Ownership of a Turnkey Solar Energy Solution

With the help of financing, you can own a custom system tailored to your home, landscape and specific needs. Average ROI takes about five years, and you may qualify for local tax incentives and federal income tax credits. Turnkey solar energy setups for residences increase property value without increasing property taxes.

The Solar Loan

You can put 0% down for installation of a solar loan setup. Solar loans offer flexibility when you want an efficient, sustainable residential solar solution. Your FICO score must be decent, of course. Then there’s the Solar Lease. Like a car, you essentially rent a turnkey solar energy solution for your home.

This allows you to purchase a system in payments, automatically locking in a hedge against rate increases. You save thousands of dollars racking up credits and incentives, enjoying access to industry leading warranties offering long term product support and protection. For more info, visit Green Power Energy.

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