Top 3 Signs It’s Time to Schedule Home AC Repair Near Cabot, AR

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2021


Is it time to have an air conditioning service? Many people put off scheduling home AC repair near Cabot, AR, and ignore obvious problems. Don’t be this person! Know the signs of a failing AC system and get repairs today.

1-Air Conditioner Isn’t Cooling Well

Does it seem like rooms in the home aren’t cooling as well as they should? Is warm air coming from the floor vents? There are a few reasons the air conditioner might be blowing warm air. The filter might be dirty. The Freon might need recharging, or there’s a problem with the fan. The only way to know for sure what’s going on is to call an AC repair service. Do this right away to lower the risk of needing expensive AC service.

2-Air Conditioner Turns On and Off Frequently

When temperatures soar into the 90s, it’s common for air conditioning units to run more often. However, if the air conditionerturns on and off every few minutes, it’s short cycling. Short cycling happens when there’s a mechanical issue and makes the air conditioner work harder than it needs to. Investigate short cycling right away to fix the problem before it causes the air conditioner to break down completely.

3-Air Conditioner Keeps Tripping the Circuit

Often, when the compressor is on its last leg, it will short the circuit. The AC unit will turn on for a bit, but it will lose power within a few minutes. Call for home AC repair near Cabot, AR, to repair or replace the compressor.

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