Top Signs You Need Foundation Leveling in Houston TX

Posted By : alex , on Jul, 2014


As a homeowner, you may have invested a great deal of time and energy into value and aesthetics. Due to all that you have put into your home, one of the last statements you probably want to hear is that your foundation needs repair. You may be very tempted to pull out the trusty old tools and fix the issue yourself. That is a bad idea. For the most part, Foundation Leveling in Houston TX requires the know-how and skill of a team of professionals. A bit of elbow grease will not cure serious issues. In fact, it may worsen the problem. Here’s a list of warning signs that your home may need the tender love and care of an expert.

1. One of the most obvious tell-tale signs that your house needs a competent inspection from a professional is the appearance of cracks. These buggers may creep up in a variety of places, and their presence is a good sign that trouble is on its way. They show up on the walls inside the house, in floors, on the concrete base of the house or in the bricks of the fireplace. Their direction may vary-;diagonal, horizontal, vertical-;but any could signal a bigger issue.

2. Standing water is another sign of a major problem. If the rooftop drainage sticks around long after a rain shower, this could represent a problem with your drainage system that needs repair before the issue creates large damage in your foundation.

3. Yet another sign of a need for Foundation Leveling in Houston TX is uneven floors or windows. Browse around your house for floors that appear to warp or rise in certain places. This is clear indicator of a structural issue. Plus, if you shut doors or windows and notice that they do not fit easily into the jamb or sill, you will want to discover this info here and have that checked out, too.

4. Oftentimes, homeowners may be completely blind to the fact that the entire house is bowing, leaning, or sinking. One indicator that you have this kind of trouble on your hands is shown through the presence of protruding nails in the beams of your home.

Any of the above signs can indicate serious damage to your home. Avoid tampering with the problem as you might endanger yourself or others. Call a technician to inspect the problem right away.

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