Town & Country Builders Inc Can Build Just About Anything

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2017


When a client needs a barn or a house build, a home, a store, or even a factory, that person goes straight to a firm staffed by construction professionals with a quarter century of experience in the field. That client expects to have a building that not only looks good but is structurally sound and expected to endure for many years to come. They will need a building that can withstand weather stresses, will resist deterioration, and can be built to specification to suit the exact needs of the client.

Modern building techniques have greatly improved both the construction times and structural quality that can be put into a building. While a number of firms may use prefabricated framing sections, these are not necessarily the best to use. But a superior building and construction company such as Town & Country Builders Inc will take the extra trouble to custom-cut the lumber it uses for framing and truss sections in wood frame structures. Timber sections up to three times the average size and industrial-grade steel bolts guarantee maximum structural strength to support roofs, retaining and interior walls. They also make certain to obtain high-grade steel to use in the girderwork for steel buildings, which is important for any large open interior structure. In the case of steel buildings, thick concrete foundations are poured to provide the strongest anchor surface for the framing.

Specializing in post-frame construction, structures such as garages, RV storage enclosures, boat storage hangars, airplane hangars, horse arenas and hay covers are easily erected and assembled in a completely self-contained and self-supporting unit. The construction methods employed by these builders are tailored to maximize frame strength and the creation of as large an open, obstruction free space as possible. Post frame construction distributes all support stresses into the main posts and the anchors. The result is a large open structure that nonetheless will withstand high winds or minor earth movement with no danger of warping.

Town & Country Builders Inc has been in the construction business for over twenty-five years, servicing customers in the Spokane Valley WA and Spokane metropolitan area and surrounding areas since 1987. They have left a record of successful construction and satisfied clients that withstand any test the same as their structures. Contact Town & Country Builders Inc today for your next project.

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