Treat Your Venous Disease in Albuquerque Metro NM

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Venous diseases, such as varicose and spider veins, can be rather unsightly. In addition, such diseases present a grave health risk. This common disease has a higher likelihood of affecting older women, those with a family history of venous diseases, and those who spent the majority of their lives in standing positions for work, which increases the risk. If left untreated, venous disease can progress to bleeding from leg veins, ankle ulcers, and superficial blood clots, or phlebitis. If one is a member of the 20-25% of the female population, or 10-15% of the male population affected by these ailments, the Vein Center of New Mexico can offer a remedy. Dr. Peloso and his professional staff take on patients suffering from a variety of venous diseases, and can help one’s legs look and feel their best.

Spider veins are small, purplish-blue or red veins that are close to the surface of the skin. Such veins are generally found along with medium-sized veins, which are usually blue-green in color. They are found on the face, neck, chest, abdomen, and legs. These veins typically do not cause any symptoms, nor do they conflict with normal blood circulation. Thus, veins of this nature are considered a cosmetic problem. In contrast, varicose veins are large, blue veins found extending across the thigh or calf. Because they result from poor valve function, these veins produce symptoms such as aching, pain and burning. Eventually, varicose veins can progress to a chronically swollen, disfigured leg. If one has Venous Disease in Albuquerque Metro NM, either spider/medium-sized veins or varicose veins, the Vein Center of New Mexico can provide relief.

Spider and medium-sized veins are usually treated with cosmetic sclerotherapy. This procedure involves injecting an agent into the veins. Eventually, the veins close and disappear. In addition, an alternate method of treatment, called endogenous chemical ablation, is used.
Varicose veins are treated with endogenous laser therapy and/or ambulatory phlebotomy. The former treatment involves inserting a small laser into the vein. The laser is fired, which ultimately produces closure of the vein. The latter treatment involves vein removal through small incisions in the skin. If one is ready for relief of Venous Disease in Albuquerque Metro NM.

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