Treating a Neuroma in Kenosha, WI

by | Apr 18, 2018 | Health


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A Neuroma in Kenosha WI is a condition that involves a sharp pain or burn that is felt in the ball of the foot and this pain or burn may increase when the person walks. Some describe the neuroma as a small lump that they feel in this area and it’s usually seen between the third and fourth toes. However, it may appear in other areas also. The pain or burn is due to a nerve that is either thick or swollen in this part of the foot and certain types of shoes may make the problem worse.

What Causes Neuromas?

Many things can bring about a neuroma in the foot. In fact, anything that irritates or compresses this nerve may lead to the development of symptoms. However, people often find it comes about when they wear high heels frequently or shoes that feature a toe box that tapers at the tip. This forces the foot into an unnatural position and leads to the irritation or compression. Furthermore, certain foot problems, such as hammertoes or flat feet, make a person more susceptible to this condition. Nevertheless, the neuroma may arise due to repetitive irritation of this portion of the foot, such as during sports, or come about as a result of an injury.

Home Remedies

The first step in treating a neuroma is to make use of shoes that allow that toes room to move. This alone is often enough to relieve the pain and burning. Anti-inflammatory medications can be of help in relieving the symptoms and ice packs may be used for 15 minutes at a time to provide relief. Alter or avoid any activities that place pressure on the area as the foot needs time to rest, and a foot massage may be of help too.

In the event the above treatments don’t work, surgery may be needed to correct the neuroma in Kenosha WI. If this procedure has been recommended, contact Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Centers for help. The medical team examines the foot and determines the best procedure to correct the issue. Recovery following the surgery depends on numerous factors, such as the procedure chosen. The team provides additional information following the examination. Give them a call today to obtain relief from the pain and burning and regain your quality of life thanks to the increased mobility you will have.

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