Treating from Back Pain to Sciatica Trough Holistic Methods in Lancaster

by | Nov 9, 2023 | Chiropractor


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It is difficult to live with back pain and other musculoskeletal problems. Whether you are dealing with sciatica or a herniated disc, you can be helped. Seek a pain relief treatment in Lancaster, CA.

Starting with Manual Adjustments

If you have back pain, you could have a herniated disc. Or maybe you have pinched nerves in your spine. Musculoskeletal problems can be complex. However, most chiropractic techniques can treat different issues at once. If you seek pain relief treatment in Lancaster, CA, you can go trough chiropractic adjustments. A chiropractor can realign your spinal joints trough spinal manipulations. After getting an adjustment, you should feel less pain. A professional may also recommend to you spinal decompression therapy. In this case, your spine would be gently stretched and manipulated. It is a good treatment for sciatica.

Other Forms of Treatment

If you have sciatica, you may struggle to walk comfortably. The pain in your legs may have compromised your mobility. If you get a relief treatment in Lancaster, CA, you can be treated with ultrasound therapy. This treatment uses sound waves, and these waves both heal and repair tissues. If you get ultrasound therapy, you will feel less pain in your body. This type of therapy is especially helpful for knee pain. There is also cold laser therapy. Cold laser can be applied on areas like the lower back. Cold laser therapy promotes healing, and it is effective against muscle spams.

Your individual circumstances will be considered. Hence, you can also get custom orthotics. Contact Allied Chiropractic.

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