Trends in Biometric Face Recognition Technology

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2020


Biometrics is the use of digital technology to identify an individual. The system scans an image and creates a set of specific, unique points or identifiers that can then be used to compare any other image against the one on file for authentication.

The use of biometric face recognition continues to increase as it is a practical technology for many industries and businesses. This technology does not use a match to a photo on file. It uses a match in the facial identifiers, which do not change even if a person is wearing a different hairstyle, shaves a mustache, or is or is not wearing glasses.

Not Just Biometrics – Adding Liveness Verification

To address the challenge of a photo image or a mask being used as the image presented for comparison, advances in biometric face recognition use a liveness check. This additional component uses complex technology to verify the individual taking the picture is, in fact, a live person.

Improved Accuracy and Reliability

Now offered for real-time user authentication, the technology behind biometric face recognition continues to improve. The level of precision and accuracy, with results available in a fraction of a second, make this technology practical to use for manual or automated types of security systems.

Increased Use Across Industries

While the use of face recognition technology is often associated with the KYC and AML compliance mandated in the banking and financial industries, it is poised to become more widely used across different sectors.

Any area where security and access restriction are concerns, such as airlines, security industries, or even the travel and tourism industry, the use of face recognition technology is a trend to watch for in the future.

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