Types of Fire Equipment in Waterloo, IA Needed For Fighting Fires

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2016


Fires are unpredictable disasters that can occur without notice. While there are some steps to be taken as a means to prevent fires, the correct set of circumstances can still cause one. That is why having the appropriate equipment is on hand is essential. When held in the hands of a properly trained individual, a small fire can be put out before it turns into a big one. These are some of the items to consider when looking at equipment.

Fire extinguishers are one of the best tools at stopping it. However, this Fire Equipment in Waterloo IA must be picked according to which types of fires are likely to occur. Carbon Dioxide extinguishers can handle most types of fires. While this is the most versatile type of extinguisher, they can be customized with different fire retardant chemicals to match the most likely class of fire to occur.

Axes have been a part of fire fighting equipment since nearly the beginning. Firefighting axes have a unique design that has multiple uses. These instruments are still around to aid in the escape process. This equipment must be placed in an accessible area next to potential doorways. Like other pieces, there should be training about the multiple uses of the ax

Sprinklers are another piece of Fire Equipment in Waterloo IA designed to prevent the spread. While most sprinklers are designed to carry water, this may not be an ideal situation with sensitive equipment in the space. Alternative agents can be dispensed through the sprinkler system. The agent should be decided on by which class of fire is likely to occur and what agent will cause the least amount of damage in the area. Because of the potential hazard of some of the agents, personal should be trained on the sprinkler system and what to do in the event of a release.

While fire prevention is a crucial goal, managing it can help prevent a lot of the damage that can occur. The necessary equipment is needed to prevent these problems. These are just a few pieces of equipment to aid in fire fighting fires. Visit Website to find out more information on the different kinds of fire fighting equipment and which ones are needed for your environment.

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