Types of Metal Cutting in Seattle, WA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2017


The three most common types of machinery for Metal Cutting in Seattle, WA are the laser, plasma, and water jet. Each has advantages and disadvantages, but all can be found at companies, such as Specialty Metals, that provide cutting services to businesses. It is easier, faster, and more cost effective to outsource the cutting process in many cases.

If a short production run or temporary component is required for a particular project, it is often outsourced. The cut pieces are delivered or shipped to the factory for assembly, finishing or painting, or to accompany another product.

A simple example is air freshener candles in seasonal holders. A winter scene is cut out of the free holder that is packaged with refill candles. The company does not need that level of precision for regular holders sold throughout the rest of the year.

Laser Cutting

This cutting machine is fast, accurate, and complex to operate. It is also expensive to purchase, operate, and house. A laser is generated and aimed at the metal to make precision cuts. Costs and space requirements make this not feasible for many factories and repair shops. Special training is required for operators to safely and accurately use a cutter.

This process of Metal Cutting in Seattle, WA generates heat and fumes, which means it needs a buffer space all around it. An exceptional ventilation system is also required to prevent the buildup of fumes. It is cheaper to outsource laser cutting even if it is needed for ongoing parts.

Plasma Cutting Machines

These machines also generate fumes and can reach excessive temperatures quickly. Many of the same space and ventilation requirements for laser cutting machines apply with this cutting method as well. Basically, an electrically conductive gas transfers energy onto the metal for clean cutting.

These machines are expensive but do not require as much training to operate. Owners can go to specialtymetalscorp.com to explore the possibilities of using this process for cutting needs.

Water Jet Cutting

This machinery is commonly found in many factories, and items that can be cut with this method are not outsourced to the same degree as the other two cutting processes. Reasons for that include lower pricing for purchase, less training required for safe operation, and more efficient use of space. This machine does not emit fumes or create heat.

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