U.S. Team Purchases Judgments and Liens on Behalf of Property Owners

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2021


Lien is a word most want to avoid, particularly tax liens; but what about real property liens? How can a seller know if a party has placed an encumbrance on the piece of land? A lien property for sale can be sold off in order to avoid further losses from being incurred. Having a lien removed by selling real estate works as a hedge against negative credit impact.

There is no shortage of investors scouring the market for lien property for sale. Why? Because it’s an awesome way to get started in real estate while building a reputation as a solid and experienced investor. For this reason, homeowners shouldn’t be afraid of talking to someone who can possibly help them out of a less-than-stellar situation.

See, the longer the lien is on the records, the more expensive it becomes. Time is of the essence in these types of situations. The County Recorder’s office and associated state agencies’ reserve are responsible for approving a lien on the property, so they are the go-to for information regarding such matters.

The type of liens that most property owners want to avoid is the involuntary lien, such as a tax lien levied on the piece of land in exchange for the payment of debt. Here’s another example – of a contractor who recently performed some rehab work was never fully paid, a mechanics lien can show up.

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