Underage Drivers Charged With A DUI Need to Contact DWI Lawyers in Jefferson County MO Quickly

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2019


Underage drivers will need to avoid drinking any alcohol before driving to avoid a DUI conviction. If an underage driver has a BAC (blood alcohol content) of between .02 and .07, they can be charged under the DUI zero-tolerance laws and will need to speak with one of the DWI lawyers in Jefferson County MO as soon as possible after an arrest.

Zero Tolerance Laws in New York

The first time an underage driver is charged with a DUI, they face fines of up to $125, a license suspension of six months, and a $100 fee to reinstate their license. If they are convicted and later charged with a second DUI that violates the zero tolerance laws, they face another $125 civil penalty, a one-year revocation of their license or a revocation until they are 21, and a $100 fee to reinstate their license. There is not a minimum jail time in either situation, but the person could receive jail time as part of their penalties after a conviction.

Failing to Submit to BAC Tests When Underage

New York is an implied consent state. This means that a person agrees to submit to a BAC test if asked when they’re stopped by law enforcement officials. If they are asked to submit to a BAC test and they refuse, they could be issued penalties in addition to the ones mentioned above. The first time this happens, they can receive a $300 civil penalty, a $100 reapplication fee, and a one year revocation of their license. If this happens a second time, they could face a $750 civil penalty, a $100 reapplication fee, and a one-year revocation of their license.

Get Help to Minimize Penalties or Avoid a Conviction

An underage driver does have the option of contacting a lawyer for help. They will want to do this as quickly as possible after the arrest to determine what possible defenses are available for their situation and to get the advice they need to minimize the impact this will have on their life.

If you are below the legal drinking age and have been arrested and charged with a DUI, contact one of the DWI lawyers in Jefferson County MO right away. They can work with you to formulate a defense that might help you avoid a conviction or a license suspension. Contact us today to get the help you need now. Visit the website at Wegmannlawfirm.com. Follow us on Twitter.

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