Understanding Laws Concerning Guns and Personal Protection in Cape Coral

Posted By : alex , on Oct, 2014


The time may come when you find you wish to buy a gun for Personal Protection in Cape Coral. You aren’t alone, as many across the country are now choosing to arm themselves for a variety of reasons. Before you choose to head out and purchase a gun, however, you need to have a better understanding of laws concerning guns in the state. Certain cases have made national attention concerning the use of firearms, making this of great importance. Here are just a few of the laws in the state which may pertain to you.

When you are lawfully present in a place, you have ‘no duty to retreat’ when attacked. You have the right to stay where you are and defend yourself, even if doing so requires you use deadly force. Force may only be used in those situations where you feel you must do so to prevent great bodily harm to yourself or another person or to prevent your death or that of someone else.

The only time you may legally discharge your weapon in a public place is when you are defending your life or property. The same is true when you are on the right of way of public paved roads, streets, or highways, or when you are over any of these roadways or an occupied building. The exception to this is those who are expressly approved to hunt and those who are firing a weapon as part of their official duties.

Outside of the hunting season established by the state, you cannot carry your gun into a national forest area. Guns are prohibited within the limits of these areas, except during hunting season. If you will be traveling on a road which passes through one of these areas, you need to receive a special permit from the county commissioner or keep the weapon securely locked in your car.

It’s best not to take chances. A weapon is a wonderful tool for Personal Protection in Cape Coral, yet it must be used and carried properly at all times. Before you obtain a handgun, learn all you can about state law governing the ownership of weapons. Once you have this information mastered, you’re ready to purchase a gun. Visit the website to get the process started right away.

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