Understanding the Fee Arrangement with a Columbus, Ohio Accident Lawyer

by | May 5, 2022 | Lawyer


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Most attorney fees are set at specific amounts, such as hourly rates. Clients pay retainer fees upfront to secure the services of a lawyer and continue to pay on a schedule as long as the representation is needed. In contrast, clients of a Columbus, Ohio, accident lawyer generally do not pay until they receive compensation. They also do not pay unless the attorney achieves a favorable outcome. This arrangement is known as a contingency fee.

A Standard Percentage

A Columbus, Ohio, accident lawyer receives a percentage of the settlement or court award. This is usually a standard percentage that all clients pay, although there may be exceptions depending on the situation. The arrangement allows clients to have full legal representation during the entire course of the case without paying any retainer or hourly fees.

Reimbursement Considerations

If this individual’s health insurance paid medical expenses, that company expects to be reimbursed by the other insurer. That amount is deducted from the compensation. The money the client receives is intended to pay for income loss and necessary services like transportation to appointments. The lawyer also may demand compensation for intangible factors like emotional trauma.

A Considerable Advantage

Legal representation provides considerable advantages in accident cases. Research shows that insurers offer significantly higher settlement amounts when an attorney is involved. Insurance adjusters understand that lawyers know the amount of compensation a client should receive. The attorneys will not accept an offer that’s too low. They will proceed to trial if necessary. To know more, please visit The Donahey Law Firm now.

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