Understanding The Usage Of Interpreters In A Deaf Baptist Church

by | Aug 28, 2017 | Church


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The word of God is not limited to those who are only able to hear it. A deaf church service in a Baptist church is offered in many modern churches so that those without hearing are not left out. Interpreters user both sign language and teleprompters so that those who cannot hear understand the message of the sermon.

Where Do Churches Find Their Professional Church Interpreters?

If you step into any sermon in a deaf church service, an American Sign Language interpreter will always be there. Churches will not hire just any interpreter, but interpreters who share a passion for the glory of Jesus Christ.

The interview process of a deaf church service will evaluate if the interpreter is indeed a mature Christian who lives strictly by God’s word. An in-depth knowledge of the Bible is needed to convey a more fluent message to deaf people. With sign language, simplified interpretations are made to pass along knowledge on the fly so creative interpretations should be made by somebody who understands the book’s content.

Involvement Reaches Beyond the Sermon

Interpreters considered are typically individuals who are already well involved with the local deaf population. Often, such interpreters have been recruited through charitable organizations or church functions. Interpreters are also expected to have friendships with the deaf church service members which expands beyond the hours of a church service.

Thanks to these hardworking interpreters and the churches that make them available, the deaf now have ready access to the word of God. Even in televised sermons, there will often be a fast-moving interpreter relaying the message to the deaf minority.

South Point Community Church remains diligent in providing accommodations for deaf church members. The organization is zealous about spreading the word of God and especially to those with disabilities. They have a live online service that starts every Sunday at 9:30 AM.

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