Unique Commercial Drilling Services in Hawaii

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2016


The unstable soil conditions on the islands of Hawaii mean that foundations, abutments, and concrete retaining walls often require reinforcements. It can also cause problems for new developments as well. Bracing, anchoring, and micro-piles are a few ways to increase the tension and high weight-bearing capacities of buildings, bridges, and highway systems. Full-sized rigs for Drilling Services in Hawaii are used for many projects, but there are some projects that are inaccessible with large rigs. Corner installations, low-overhead areas, and drilling required in tight spots cannot be completed by all companies. Selecting a company that can handle all drilling projects will save businesses, municipalities, and developers time and money.

Commercial Drilling Services in Hawaii will, sometimes, require smaller, more agile, limited-access drill rigs. Not all concrete and foundation contractors have these unique drill rigs. One experienced company not only has both full-sized and limited-access drill rigs but also has also modified a full-sized drilling platform that can accommodate many different angles. A 360-degree arm, which is hydraulically powered, can drill at a wide variety of angles. That works well for overhangs, concrete walls that support bridges, and jobs that require access to hard-to-reach spaces. Visit the Website for details on this customized machine, as well as descriptions of the smaller drilling rigs. Examples of previous work, as well as ongoing projects, can be viewed on the site.

Another capacity is small-diameter drilled systems that include drilling probes, soil nails, grouting voids, permeation, and consolidation grouting. Complete commercial services include designing and improving existing projects, along with new construction projects. Slope stabilization, foundation re-leveling, sea wall repair, and load transfer are also available. Additional services include shoring systems, compaction grouting, drilled shaft piles, and auger cast piles. Tension and high bearing capacities for materials and completed work can reach up to one-hundred and fifty tons. There are also full-sized rigs that can drill through rock formations and installations that are one hundred feet deep. Other services include residential foundation repairs, concrete restoration, and concrete spall repair and railings. Inspections and free estimates for services are offered. The company works closely with architects, engineers, property management companies, and government offices to ensure projects meet compliance with safety and building codes.

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