Unique Ideas For Landscaping in Westport, Connecticut

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2018


Few things are worse for a homeowner than humdrum landscaping. Trying to enjoy a beautiful view one may have envisioned when purchasing the home only to be subjected to the same old thing can be irritating at best and soul-crushing at worst. Fortunately, there are many unique ideas for Landscaping in Westport, Connecticut which can be used to give the front yard or backyard a bit of a facelift. Here are just a few of them.

Curved Tiles

Who wants to walk the straight and narrow when they can meander down a winding path through the flower garden? Nobody, that’s who! By purchasing a favored style of natural tile and asking for them to be cut into curved shapes, the homeowner can avoid the generic look of square or rectangular tiles. The process is very easy to accomplish or a professional company can be brought in for truly ornate designs.

Large Rocks

While normal-sized rocks or decorative pebbles are a mainstay of Landscaping in Westport Connecticut, what can set the yard apart from others is to try using large rocks for decoration. They can be placed by oneself with a bit of help or, as above, a company can be brought in to place them where desired. The great thing about large rocks is that they will never die, unlike plants and flowers which may not hold up too well in extreme climates. They also give the yard a very natural look.

Appropriate Flowers

Depending on where one lives, not every flower and plant will be appropriate to grow. Some may not be hearty enough to survive colder temperatures while others may require extensive shading to keep from being killed by the sun. Do a bit of research or ask an experienced company such as Northeast Horticultural Services what they would recommend. Once known, gorgeous planting designs may be undertaken to give the yard an artistic look that will make the neighbors jealous.

Click Here for more ideas about unique and creative landscaping ideas. There is no sense in suffering the indignity of a boring yard when it is so easy to liven it up with landscaping.

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