Unique Information About Modified Bitumen Roof Cost in Denver, CO

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2020


A Modified Bitumen roof can also be referred to as a bitumen roof. This type of roofing is designed for installation on a low slope or flat roof. A modified bitumen roof is made up of several layers of bitumen. Bitumen is blended with a synthetic rubberized polymer.
Just like other forms of roofing, a modified bitumen roof also offers homeowners an economical roofing option.

More About Modified Bitumen Roof Cost in Denver, CO.

Modified bitumen roofing has been in existence for years. It was first used in the USA after being developed in Europe. Modified bitumen is uniquely manufactured, well reinforced with polyester, fiberglass, or a combination of the two. This form of roofing can also have a surface made from mineral aggregate, granules liquid applied, or metal foil-laminate surfacing.

Details and Cost of Applying Modified Bitumen Roofs

This form of roofing is mainly applied in commercial buildings. But, it’s also an acceptable form of roofing in residential flats. Modified bitumen roofs are made with breathtaking technology increasing the roof’s flexibility, strength, and UV resistance. It can also resist adverse weather conditions and aging.

Bitumen roofing can last long for more than 20 years, assisting homeowners cut on costs. The actual cost of this roof depends on the location, quality of materials, and the complexity of installation, among other reasons.

Modified bitumen roofs can cost approximately $1.50 to around $3.00 per square foot. So, if 1,500 square foot of the roof is to be installed, it would cost $2,250 and$4,500. When other costs are added i.e., stripping and disposing of the old roof, the price might increase.

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