University Students Living in Furnished Apartments for Rent

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2022


Modern Apartments with Furniture in Clemson, South Carolina

You could rent furnished apartments in Clemson, SC, for enhanced convenience during the academic year. Such residential units will save you some precious time and effort before the start of a semester at Clemson University. As a full-time student at this large university, you will enjoy discounted rent for off-campus living. Some furnished apartments in Clemson, SC, also have direct connections with the official bookstore and other stores at the university. Therefore, you can decorate your private room with lots of signature memorabilia with Clemson themes. Your apartment will probably adopt the signature orange color scheme that defines the university and the affiliated athletic teams. Additionally, the interior decorations at your apartment will support the Clemson Tigers. In terms of utility and convenience, furnished off-campus apartments usually include plush sofas, comfortable beds, ergonomic desks, sleek lamps, and stainless-steel kitchen appliances.

Renting Furnished Apartments Near Clemson University

When you move into furnished apartments in Clemson, SC, you might be required to pay a security deposit. Such a fee covers any potential damage to the furniture and other accessories inside the apartment. Some property managers also require you to purchase some sort of renters insurance for extra peace of mind and liability. However, the furniture pieces inside the rental unit could be replaced or repaired if they’re accidentally damaged during your stay. Additionally, you might have access to complimentary cleaning of some large furniture items throughout the year.

Get in touch with the Cottages of Clemson management at To rent furnished apartments near Clemson University.

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