Unpredictable Charlotte Weather Requires Regular Roof Inspection

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2017


People who live in Charlotte have a lot to love, because Charlotte is one of the most vibrant, beautiful cities in the United States. However, there is occasionally unpredictable weather that has to be addressed. With hurricane and tropical storm season approaching from May 15 through November 30, it’s a good time for you as a homeowner to prepare for unexpected storms and the damage that can be caused. One way you could prepare is by contacting a Charlotte roofing company for a storm inspection. Have you had your home inspected since the last serious storm? Would you know who to call if there was a problem with your home?

The problem with storm damage is that it is not necessarily visible to the homeowner. If you have vinyl siding, or other types of siding, you might be able to see if it has become worn or damaged due to storm interference, and if you have, you can address this before more serious damage is incurred from water and pests getting into the walls of your home.

However, storm damage can be done to your roof that would only be noticeable to a roofer. All of the shingles may appear to be in place and lying flat, but there are granules present on most shingles that are very important because they are what protect your roof from water, fire and UV rays. Your shingles are about as effective as tar paper if those granules have been knocked off by storm damage. Roofing contractors can evaluate this, and if you can find a Charlotte roofing specialist who provides a free inspection, you will know for sure if your shingles are safe.

If you do need roof repair or replacement, you can check with the Better Business Bureau to find a reputable company, and you can also ask a contractor for references. You may also want to consider a Charlotte roofing contractor who should warranty their work and their materials and may continue to provide periodic free storm inspections for your peace of mind.

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