Uses for a Custom Pallet in Fort Worth

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2017


Pallets are standard in many industries to store and move inventory, transport materials, and stack up items for freight liners. They help managers get the most out of available warehouse space, prevent injuries from heavy lifting, and save time. There are a wide variety of pallet sizes, materials, and configurations. Most pallets are square in shape, flat, and are made from wood. Other materials include plastic polymers, metal, corrugated fiberboard, and recycled materials. There are times when a standard flat pallet is not suitable for safely moving an item. Artwork, sculptures, museum exhibition pieces, and odd-shaped items are a few examples. Standard sizing may not fit into the allocated storage area of small businesses, independent artists, or those who make and sell crafts or products from home.

A custom pallet in Fort Worth can be designed and created from wood to solve logistic problems, fit into corners or narrow spaces, and better suit the unique needs of the business or item to be moved or stored. Pallets can be made with lips around the sides, or half walls to better protect an object. Reinforcing the middle of a pallet is ideal for items with most of the weight at the center and extending elements, such as elaborate chandeliers, innovative lobby decor, or business logos designed for the front lawn entrance. Brackets and tie-downs can be added to secure items to customer specification. Corner spaces in a home workspace or shed can be utilized for storage with triangular pallets. Narrow pallets can be created to go along a wall or fit into a trailer.

In addition to creating a pallet in Fort Worth, Crating and packing service is also available for residential and commercial customers. Pallets can be shrink wrapped prior to transport to secure the merchandise. Items of all sizes can be packed for storing or shipping. Crates can be customized for fragile objects, valuable items, and treasured collections. A crate with lined compartments, for example, can be made to cradle each piece of an antique jewelry collection, or to pack separate pieces of sensitive medical diagnostic equipment together. Building a crate to safely transport movie props, a newly purchased motorcycle or a stuffed six-point buck has been completed by experienced carpenters. Eliminate the stress of shipping objects by having the right container designed for a specific need.

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