Using A Dentist in Attleboro MA To Help With Whitening Procedures

by | Jun 9, 2016 | Dentist


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Many people enjoy the appearance of white teeth. If someone feels their teeth are less than white, they will want to take the proper steps in making stains disappear. Going to see a dentist in Attleboro MA can be beneficial in accomplishing this. Here are a few steps one can take in conjunction with a trip to a dentist to help whiten teeth.

Some people find that their teeth will look brighter and whiter after they brush with a toothpaste made from baking soda and water. Baking soda will eliminate surface stains from teeth quite easily. Brushing with this type of solution should be limited as it is so strong it could also take some of the enamel layer off of teeth. It is best if someone only does this only once a week for about a minute at a time for the best results.

Another way to eliminate stains on teeth is to use a mouthwash made from hydrogen peroxide. This is a safe alternative to mouthwash and will make teeth look whiter after just a few uses. Be sure not to swallow the solution as it will not be pleasing.

There are a few different fruits known to help with whitening of teeth. Use strawberry slices to rub stains off of teeth. The interior of an orange or banana skin also helps make teeth look whiter.
It is best to avoid drinking items known to stain teeth. This includes red wine, coffee, and tea. If someone does wish to have one of these drinks, it is a good idea to use a straw to consume them as this will allow them to enjoy them without having the teeth affected as much.

Using over the counter whitening products can be effective in removing stains, however, most of them also remove enamel. For this reason, going to a Dentist in Attleboro MA is a better alternative. They would be able to do a bleaching procedure right in their office to make the teeth their brightest. Contact Us to find out more about this procedure and to make an appointment for an evaluation.

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