Using A Family Practice Physician in Andover Kansas To Handle Injuries

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2016


When someone has a baby who is just learning how to take their first steps, they may find there are a few times where injuries occur during the learning process. Seeing a Family Practice Physician in Andover Kansas when there is an injury caused by a fall is best. Some injuries may not be as intensive, allowing the caregiver to tend to them as necessary. Here are some of the injuries a baby may suffer from when learning how to walk.

Cuts Or Scrapes

A baby may start walking and then fall against a piece of furniture or a wall. If they receive a scrape or cut from this action, it will be necessary to tend to it promptly. The caregiver can wash the affected area of the skin with soap and water. They can then apply a washcloth or towel over the wound and push down to apply pressure to the area. This will help stop any bleeding. If bleeding is excessive, it will be necessary to take the baby to a physician for an evaluation.

Bumps And Bruises

When a baby falls, they may have bruising left on the area of the skin that had made impact with the floor, the ground, or a solid object. This portion of the skin will become discolored. It will be necessary to apply an ice pack to the area to aid in the reduction of swelling of the skin. If the baby had hit their head, they should be observed for several hours for any signs of a concussion. This would include extreme tiredness, vomiting, and dizziness. The baby should be brought to a doctor immediately if a concussion is suspected as a result of their bump.

If someone wishes to have their child checked after a fall occurs, an appointment can be made with a Family Practice Physician in Andover Kansas right away. Take a look at a website like to find out more about a reputable practice and to browse the selection of services they offer to their patients. Contact information is available on the site to make an appointment if necessary.

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