Using a Lawyer’s Insight to Collect on Customer Accounts

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Nov, 2017


Businesses must approach a lawyer for assistance with billing and collections best practices. A proper attorney will help the company write solid contracts, enforce those contracts, and make claims for unpaid accounts. It is quite important for a business to invest in a collections process that is sensible, and they must use a few simple steps to encourage customers to pay on-time.

Remain in Control of Billing

Companies may be kind to their customers, but they cannot allow their customers to run roughshod over the operation. Customers must receive regular invoices, and they must be expected to pay regardless of the situation. A business that has not taken control of billing will lose money because they make their customers think payment is optional.

Write Airtight Contracts

Billing and collections best practices require a good contract. Every bit of the billing and collection process must be included in the contract, and an experienced lawyer must have looked over every part of the contract before both parties sign. A contract that uses all the right language prevents many problems in the future.

Create Thorough Invoices

Customers may feel entitled to argue the finer points of their invoices if the documents seem incomplete. A business that writes exhaustive invoices will explain precisely what is to be paid. There is no arguing when the customer sees everything they have purchased or used on the invoice.

Outline Payment Procedures

Payment procedures must be listed in the contract, and consequences for non-payment must be outlined. Allow a lawyer with experience in billing and collections best practices to write the consequences in legalese that compels customers to pay on-time.

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