Using A Pressure Washer As An Oil Stain Remover Baltimore, MD

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2017


Oily stains on vinyl siding can minimize the beauty of a home and make it difficult for an individual to sell their residence. Prior to listing a home with a real estate agent, siding can be cleaned by completing the project that follows. A well-maintained home will attract attention and may encourage several people to make offers on a residence.


  *   hedge clippers

  *   pruning shears

  *   safety goggles

  *   sponge

  *   degreaser

  *   detergent

  *   water hose

  *   pressure washer

  *   adjustable nozzle

  *   deck brush

Clip Shrubs And Plants Before Treating Oily Stains

A pair of hedge clippers or pruning shears can be used to trim branches that are overgrown and touching siding pieces. After removing clippings from the ground, a pair of safety goggles needs to be worn so an individual’s eyes are protected while using a pressure washer.

A pressure washer exerts force and can cause loose pieces of debris to become airborne as siding pieces are cleaned. Prior to preparing a cleaning solution for vinyl, oily stains should be sprayed with an Oil Stain Remover Baltimore MD. A degreaser needs to penetrate stains for several minutes. A sponge can be used to wipe siding pieces that have been sprayed with an Oil Stain Remover Baltimore MD.

Use Detergent And Water to Clean Vinyl

Detergent needs to be added to a pressure washer’s tank. A water hose can be used to add water to detergent. After turning on an agitator to mix water and detergent, an adjustable nozzle should be secured to a pressure washer. if someone has never used a pressure washer before, they should press a machine’s trigger several times to adapt to using a machine and determining how much they should press a trigger to administer a cleaning agent.

After spraying siding with a cleaning agent, a deck brush should be moved across vinyl pieces to remove dirt and other residues. Siding pieces that are farthest from the ground should be sprayed first so the dirty residue will run down the sides of a house.

After siding pieces are clean, a pressure washer’s tank needs to be rinsed out. Water should be added to a tank and then sprayed across siding pieces to remove soapy water. For additional assistance with cleaning siding, a homeowner can contact Mr. Clean Power Washing LLC or a similar company.

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