Using Appliance Repair in Shrewsbury MA To Fix A Refrigerator

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2016


When someone has a refrigerator that is not cooling effectively, they have a few tasks to try before calling on an appliance repair in Shrewsbury MA to find the reason. Cooling troubles can be caused by a few different things. Here are a few spots to check when trying to repair a cooling problem on a refrigerator.

If the door does not have a tight seal, heat can make its way into the unit. This will cause the items inside to not remain cool. To check the seal on the door, look at the gasket closely for any spots where it is torn or decayed. If this is noticed, replace the gasket to fix the problem.

If there is ice inside the tube leading from the freezer to the refrigerator, it can affect the cooling level. This can be alleviated by using a coffee stirrer or a similar long, hard object to break up ice chunks from this area. A hair dryer can also be used to remove any ice, allowing the cooling level to stabilize as a result.
Check that the thermostat has not been set at a higher temperature than normal. This can be knocked out of place very easily when removing or placing an item inside. If the gauge has been moved, simply slide or dial it to the appropriate setting.

If the coils in the back of the refrigerator become covered in dirt, the cooling will not be as efficient. This happens quite often in homes where pets are present. Dust or fur can be easily vacuumed off of these coils, allowing them to work properly once again.

For safety reasons it is important to make sure to turn off the power to the unit before doing these tasks. If the refrigerator still does not cool effectively, a call to an appliance repair in Shrewsbury MA will be necessary. Calling a reliable service will help get the unit back up and running quickly. Get more information on refrigerator repair steps by calling one of these services. They will send someone over to evaluate the problem and a repair can be done as well.

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