Using Fleas Removal Service in El Dorado Hills, CA When An Infestation Is Present

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2016


When a pet owner discovers their dog or cat has contracted a case of fleas, they will need to take the necessary steps for having them removed from the pet’s body. There are several ways to remove fleas, with everything from home treatments to Fleas Removal Service in El Dorado Hills CA. Here are some steps to try when dealing with a flea problem.

The pet should be treated immediately after the fleas are noticed. A pet that is not treated can suffer from severe itching and skin problems. The best way to remove fleas from a pet is with a topical treatment. This can be purchased through a veterinarian or from a pet supply store. The treatment is applied between the shoulder blades so the cat or dog cannot lick at the medicine that makes fleas die. These treatments will remove not only fleas but also the eggs and larvae they may have left behind.

It is important to treat the home to remove fleas effectively. If there are fleas in carpeting or the pet’s bedding, these should be thoroughly cleaned using hot water. Steam cleaning furniture and carpeting can help remove fleas as well. There are several flea sprays and powders that can be used in areas of the home to kill fleas as well.

If there are eggs that are not removed from the home, they can hatch and re-infest the pet. This could start the entire cycle over again. Most topical treatments last about a month. It is a good idea to use two or three doses for consecutive months to ensure the fleas are completely removed from the home.

The outdoor area should be treated for fleas as well, especially if the pet is not strictly an inside animal. Use pesticides to remove fleas from grassy areas. A Fleas Removal Service in El Dorado Hills CA can also be called to aid in the removal of pesky fleas. They would have the appropriate pest control methods available and can use them in and around the home. Contacting a service like 49er Termite & Pest Control can be beneficial in ridding the home of fleas for good.

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