Using Laser Hair Removal in Allentown To Remove Unwanted Hair

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2016


If someone wishes to prepare for summertime by removing unwanted hair, they have the option trying laser hair removal in Allentown. This is a method that will take away hair permanently, leading to the elimination of the need for shaving or waxing as a result.
First, the person would need to make an appointment with a dermatologist to make sure their skin is healthy enough for the treatment process. Several questions would be asked, and an evaluation of the troublesome spots would be noted. If the doctor deems the process as safe, the person would be able to make preparations for treatment.

The person would need to avoid the sun for several weeks before treatment as this could have an adverse reaction with the skin tone coloring after the laser hair removal process is completed. They would also need to avoid waxing, electrolysis and plucking hair in the weeks before treatment. Shaving could still be done as this will only remove hair on the exterior of the skin.

The patient would put on a pair of protective goggles to wear during the procedure. During the process, the doctor would place the laser on the affected area for a few seconds. The person may feel some slight discomfort as the laser is being administrated. Often a local anesthesia is given to help reduce any pain. A cooling gel would be placed on the area after the treatment to help with discomfort as well.
After the process is done, ice would be helpful in cooling the area that was treated. The skin may be a bit red, but this will fade rather quickly. The person will need to continue to stay out of the sun for several weeks as the skin heels.

If someone is interested in finding out more about Laser Hair Removal in Allentown, they can contact a treatment center. Contact us to make an appointment with a professional laser hair removal service. An Evaluation with a doctor can be conducted, and any questions can be answered during this appointment. The process can then be done at the facility when desired.

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