Veterinarians in Alexandria Can Assist With All Pet Needs

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2018


Deciding to become a pet owner is a big responsibility. Pets are a full time commitment, and they require care on a daily basis, including feeding, grooming, exercise and lots of love. A pet owner should also be proactive about pet health to ensure that their furry friend lives a healthy and happy life. Veterinarians in Alexandria can help with that. They offer wellness checkups that cater to each stage of an animal’s life, from birth to geriatrics.

A Healthy Pet

In order to keep a pet healthy, a pet should be fed a balanced diet. The food should be appropriate for the breed, size and the pet’s stage of life. Puppies and kittens will need a diet that is different from adult dogs and cats, and senior pets may have their own distinct needs. Along with diet, daily exercise can help to release excess energy. Exercise can also help a pet to maintain a proper weight, strong bones and a healthy cardiovascular system. Pets should also be groomed regularly, especially if the breed has long or thick fur. Most importantly, pets need training and lots of love from their human companions.

Wellness Exams

Pet health should include regular visits to Veterinarians in Alexandria. A veterinarian can provide the highest quality of care, while offering services such as vaccinations, spaying and neutering, dental care and micro-chipping. Wellness examinations are strongly recommended, since preventative care can help to detect illnesses or health problems early on. A wellness exam is a basic checkup, and it may include asking questions about the pet’s history, administering any necessary vaccinations and taking a stool sample to check for parasites and worms.

Spaying and Neutering

Having a pet fixed can help with behavioral issues and reduce the possibility of certain types of cancer and illnesses, such as a pyometra infection. Spaying and neutering is the responsible thing to do, since the pet population is overabundant and currently there are not enough homes to go around. Fixing a pet can reduce the urge to wander far away, and it may also help to eliminate a pet’s desire to mark his territory.

Being a responsible pet owner means staying on top of everything that a pet needs. This should include wellness exams and addressing any emergency issues that may come up. For more information regarding veterinary care, please Contact us.

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