Visit a Vet: Organic Healing for Pets is Not Always Effective!

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2015


The use of natural herbs and remedies for personal care and treatment has been growing in popularity lately, due to desire for people to find alternatives to what they deem as “harmful” medications that are pushed upon them by the pharmaceutical industry. While it is their right to pursue whatever means of “treatment” they believe works for them, they should not subject their pets to the same thing!

Organic Healing for Pets Does not Work!
There are a variety of websites such as that sell natural treatments made from plant roots in order to help with a variety of pet ailments ranging from joint inflammation to what they label as “natural detoxifying agents”. The main problem that many veterinarians in Jacksonville FL have with these treatments is that they have not been properly vetted by an approved research center as being effective methods of caring for the ailments of pets. The recipes that are used in these substances are often derived from “age old recipes” yet the problem with their creation is that their application is not done under the supervision of a trained professional. So you may be applying them on your own thinking that they are working when in fact they are utterly and completely useless.

A Sick Pet Needs a Vet!
Some of you may be tempted to go online and read through a variety of guides that list natural treatment methods for pets if they are sick. Some examples of this can be found on; however, for many veterinarians in Jacksonville FL, one of the main reasons why sick pets get worse is because their owners did not bring them to the clinic as soon as they noticed something was wrong with them. While it is true that “some” natural remedies do work such as those seen on, not all of them are effective. You need a trained professional to assist you and give actual medical advice that has been gained through years of work and study, not from some writer on the internet.

In summary, do not attempt to treat your pets on your own if their condition is serious. You should turn towards “natural” remedies only as a last resort if all other methods of medical treatment fail.

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