Visiting an Indoor Archery Range in Illinois

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2017


As with most pieces of outdated technology, archery has become more of a hobby and a sport than an actual practice with life or death consequences. In the past, archery was a skill necessary for hunting and for defending yourself. Now, it’s still used for hunting, but it is a personal choice. However, many people do choose archery since it offers them a level of control and challenge that you do not find a gun.

If you’re thinking about getting into hunting or are already a hunter who wants to expand your options, archery is a great choice. You can learn to string, loose, and maintain a bow at an indoor archery range. There are some general guidelines that you will need to uphold, though.

Do Not Loose Without an Arrow

For some reason, many novices to archery like to pull the bowstring and let it go without an arrow in it. That’s bad practice for every kind of bow. The power of a bow comes not from the tensile strength of the string, but from the bow’s arms. The arms flex and snap back when you release the string. An indoor archery range in Illinois will likely have compound bows as well as recurve bows.

You can visit us to see what kinds of bows are available for shooting. Compound bows use the power of pulleys as well as the power of the arms. Whether recurve or compound, the force of the bow is transferred to the arrow when it is loosed. If there is no arrow, that force transfers back to the arms and can seriously damage the bow.

Listen to Your Instructors

The instructors at a qualified indoor archery range are trained in shooting bows, bow safety, and teaching others how to safely shoot arrows. If you listen to them, you can learn a lot about shooting a bow and become an archer in no time.

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