VPS Hosting Benefits Explained

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Mar, 2019


As a website owner, if you need a solution that goes beyond web hosting and includes greater flexibility than shared hosting – not including the higher costs of dedicated hosting – you may have the solution you need with virtual private server hosting (or VPS hosting). It provides the best of dedicated and shared hosting, functioning as a hybrid between the two.

A virtual private server enables multiple domains to be hosted on the same machine. This hosting arrangement can use a shared IP address for the same machine, or multiple IP addresses, in fact, a large number only limited by the server’s resources and power.

Benefits of Virtual Private Server Hosting
Some of the benefits provided by VPS hosting include:

  • The customer can select the customized VPS plan they want with the features they need
  • VPS accounts are not as pricey as full dedicated hosting accounts
  • Users of VPS plans have considerably more control over their virtual private server than with a shared hosting server
  • Virtual private server hosting plans are scalable, enabling users to begin with smaller plan and grow as their website traffic and requirements grow
  • The technical support provided with virtual private server hosting is comparable to shared hosting

Choosing a VPS Hosting Service
When selecting a VPS host, several factors should be taken into consideration. First, are you able to monitor your website’s performance by yourself? In an unmanaged VPS setting, you or someone you hire must be able to manage the server. Secondly, will you be using a Linux or Windows environment? Linux offers particular positive benefits not provided with Windows. Thirdly, do you have a backup source in place in terms of resources for redundancy and scalability? If a sudden increase load occurs on the server, you will need access to these resources.

If you are in the market for a newer better web hosting solution, the benefits offered through virtual private server hosting may provide you with everything you need. A highly experienced a reputable website hosting provider can set you up with a VPS solution that enables you to achieve your goals in terms of website efficiency and productivity.

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