Want to Do a Window Replacement in Tinley Park? Choose an Energy-efficient One

Posted By : Alex , on Sep, 2014


Windows are an integral part of any home that provides natural light and clear view. Coupled with these benefits are energy losses that come in through windows. Replacing windows comes with a cost but can have huge savings on energy loss through the use of better designs that reduce heat loss and consequently save energy use in Tinley Park homes after Window Replacement. Click here for more information.

Replacing your home windows with energy efficient types will have a high initial cost but will result in savings in the long run. The energy saving ones are different from the regular windows in a number of ways and aims to keep your house cooler during hot seasons and keeping your house warmer in cold seasons.

The regular windows have a single layer glass pane. They will therefore easily and quickly conduct heat across in or away from the house leading to huge heat loss. Energy-efficient windows have multiple glass layers. This will reduce heat loss due to the air spaces in between the panes which offer insulation against heat conduction since air is a poor conductor of heat.

The regular windows have no surface coating. In the energy-efficient windows, a low-emissivity coating is applied to the glass to reduce heat conduction to the outside. A layer of a thin metal or metal oxide will reflect heat to the outside during the summer thus reduce the need for cooling the house.

Energy efficient windows have enhanced solar heat gain coefficient (SHGS) compared to regular windows. When sunlight hits on the window pane, the sunlight is absorbed and is transferred into the house as heat energy. The windows have lower SHGS and will therefore transfer less heat into the house during hot weather condition. The house will therefore be cooler.

When making a Window Replacement Tinley Park, ensure the choice for window change has the energy star label. This is an assurance that all the guidelines for energy efficiency. This program is run to ensure that energy practices are environmental friendly.

When making a choice for window replacement, energy-efficient windows are a great choice. It will facilitate the use of small, cheaper cooling and heating appliances. Choose windows designed for the season and sunlight patterns of your home area. For Window Replacement Tinley Park contact A Better Door & Window through the website A Better Door And Window.

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