Water Jet Cutting in Auburn WA and How it Works

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2018


Water Jet Cutting Auburn WA is the process of using high pressured jets, pulsing jets, and percussive jets to cut Specialty Metals, and glass. Water jet cutting can cut through many substances, from something as easy as cardboard to a thick material such as titanium. The industry has taken off, making water jet cutting one of the most preferred forms of precision cutting. Water jets can cut as much as eight-inch stainless steel plates. So many benefits of using a water jet machine, one being no need to sharpen tools or blades after cuts. High pressured water does all the work.


Water Jet Cutting in Auburn, WA starts by using a high-pressure stream of water to cut materials. A high-pressured water pump is connected to a cutter with water pushed out of the nozzle, which then cuts through material with high-speed water. Using a water jet machine makes cutting materials very fast and efficient. Set-up times are short, the process of cutting is faster, avoiding re-cutting due to the precision of the water jets.


Considered green technology, water jets have no hazardous waste produced in the process of cutting. Water jet cutting reduces the amount of waste of materials, using large pieces to cut from, the scrap piece that is cut off are often reusable, avoiding waste that happens when using traditional cutting methods. Water is also recycled using a closed looped water systems. Water jets create a safer working environment by eliminating airborne dust particles, smoke, and fumes from the cutting materials. This improves the working conditions for the machines operator.

The water jet cutting industry has definitely boomed over the last few decades. Saving time, water jet cutting is becoming the preferred forms of precision cutting. Maintaining water quality and the pH level is important to the life of the machine. Water jet technicians should keep up with and check the water levels to maintain a well-functioning water jet cuts and machine. Check with the manufacturer and Browse the Website of the manufacture to obtain the correct levels for the particular machine is always important.

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