Ways an Alimony Lawyer in Bethlehem, PA Could Help a Divorcing Client

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


Divorce is often more difficult for one spouse than the other. When one was the primary wage earner during the marriage and the other’s primary responsibilities were caring for the children and the home, the court might award alimony as part of the divorce settlement. This money is meant to help the spouse who didn’t work during the marriage maintain a certain lifestyle. It is separate from child support and must be reported as income on the recipient’s tax return. Child support is designed to meet the special needs of children, while spousal support is meant to help maintain the home and the basic needs to the former spouse.

People who think they are going to need this money can expect their spouse to fight it. Few people want to support their ex-spouse for years after they are no longer together. An alimony lawyer in Bethlehem, PA may be able to help their client convince the judge they need the financial maintenance until they can support themselves. There may be other conditions associated with the payments, such as when it expires or how the paying spouse can get it reduced. Divorcing spouses can visit Conradattorneys.com for more information about alimony.

Spousal support can help a person who has no money of their own pay the bills, so they won’t lose everything they have. There is no point in awarding the family home to a spouse who has no money to pay the mortgage or maintain the property. These funds may be used so a person can get training to start or resume a career. It’s generally better for everyone involved if a divorced person does not remain tied to their former spouse forever.

An alimony lawyer in Bethlehem, PA may also help a spouse that does not want to pay alimony to their ex-husband or wife. By helping a client prove their client’s former spouse doesn’t need the money, they may help them avoid this financial obligation. Since child support is not need-based, an attorney probably won’t be able to help their client avoid making that payment to their ex-spouse until the children are grown. However, avoiding alimony payments could help them keep more of their money and devote it to their own financial future and rebuilding their life after the divorce.

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