Ways Regular Maintenance on Heating And Cooling Systems in New Braunfels can Help Keep a System Functioning

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2015


Maintaining a Heating And Cooling Systems in New Braunfels can be very important in most homes. Without a system that works well, very often the temperatures inside a home will be uncomfortable during both the hot summer months and the colder season of the year. Because of this, it can be essential to have the system checked and maintenance performed on a regular basis.

Most homeowners find that having a professional service their unit twice a year works best. Generally, it is wise to have a technician check the unit prior to the start of summer and again before winter begins. By choosing these times of the year, the unit can be cleaned and any repair work handled before the unit is needed most.

A technician will need to spend a good amount of time cleaning the home’s Heating And Cooling Systems in New Braunfels. The blower is generally one of the main areas the technician will need to focus on since it can become dirty both when the heating and cooling systems are used.

Cleaning the blower generally involves checking and replacing the air filter on the unit. In addition, the unit should be vacuumed inside and out to remove any dirt, hair or other particles that it may have collected. Keeping this unit operating as cleanly as possible can help improve the quality of air in the home. It will also help in keeping the unit from using extra energy to move the air through the system. This can limit additional strain to the system in general. It will also help to keep energy costs low.

The motor attached to the blower should also be inspected. A technician will need to make sure the connections and wires on the unit are operating safely and there is no sign of damage. This can help in keeping the motor from shorting out or having other problems that could create a dangerous situation in the home. The motor should be oiled as well to keep the bearings moving smoothly. If the bearings are not oiled, the motor can lock up and this can cause the unit to stop functioning and may result in costly repairs.

Taking care of a home’s heating and cooling system is important in ensuring it continues to operate regardless of the temperatures outside. For more information, please contact All Service Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. Or their Facebook page.

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