Weird Facts About Weddings & Wedding Receptions in Fort Wayne IN

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


Everybody loves a wedding and the reception that follows. But there are tons of weird and fun facts about weddings that many people are not aware of. On a lighthearted note, here are some of the most fun facts about weddings and Wedding Receptions in Fort Wayne IN that are out there.

•In the 1500s, people only bathed annually. They would take this annual bath in May so would traditionally get married in June because they were still smelled fairly good. However, there was still a little bit of stink about them so brides would carry a bouquet of flowers to help mask the smell. Remember this the next time all of your friends are scrambling for that bouquet.

•The term “honeymoon” comes from the ancient Babylonian practice of the bride’s father supplying the new young groom with an unending supply of mead after the wedding. Mead is a brew sweetened with honey. Since the Babylonians operated on a lunar calendar, they referred to this time period after the wedding as the “honey moon.”

•The tradition of having a cake that is tiered at Wedding Receptions in Fort Wayne IN comes from a game wherein the bride and groom would attempt to kiss over an increasingly higher cake without having it tumble over. While the game is not played much anymore, the tiered cake has stuck around.

•There is a superstition that states a bride is lucky if old shoes are worn by her at the wedding.

•The custom of carrying the bride over the threshold actually originates from the times when people still believed they were prone to be possessed by evil spirits. By carrying the bride over the threshold and creating a barrier between the floor and the bride, the groom was actually protecting her against evil spirits who were dwelling in the ground.

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