What Are The Most Common Terms Of Group Disability Plans In Macon, GA?

by | Apr 7, 2017 | Insurance


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In Georgia, workers have access to a variety of insurance policies to secure their interests. Among these policies are disability plans. These plans are available as short or long term option. They provide a payout to help workers after they sustain more serious injuries that require extensive recovery periods. The following is information about Group Disability Plans in Macon GA.

Identifying Qualifying Injuries

The injuries must present more serious conditions for the worker than a simple surgery. For example, if they are injured or develop a serious health condition, they will need assistance supporting themselves financially. The condition they have must fall under the terms of the policy. It must prevent the individual from performing light duty work and require them to remain hospitalized or require extensive medical treatment.

What Percentage is Provided Through the Policy?

Standard policies provide around sixty percent of the worker’s wages. They receive these payments immediately following their claim. They worker continues to receive these payments based on the duration needed to recover their current condition. However, terminal conditions could lead to some restrictions on benefits.

How Long Does the Coverage Last?

The coverage lasts according to the terms of the policy. These policies have a maximum value assigned to them when the worker starts their own policy. They cannot receive any further payments after they have maxed out the policy. The policyholder can increase the payout at any time prior to filing a claim.

How Do Consumers Acquire These Policies?

Workers can often acquire these policies through their employer’s insurance provider. They are available through employee benefits packages. However, they are optional. If the worker acquires the policy through a group enrollment, they can lower their premiums and acquire more affordable coverage.

In Georgia, workers have access to policies that can provide them with benefits if they have serious injuries. The benefits are available when the worker cannot return to work and cannot otherwise acquire their wages. Through the policy, these workers receive at least 60% of their wages. Workers who want to explore Group Disability Plans in Macon GA contact Stone Insurance Agency Inc. or browse the website right now.

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