What are the Perks of Using Vegetable Glycerin E Liquid?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2020


Vegetable glycerin e liquid is one of two options to go for among those who wish to vape. The other is a propylene glycol e liquid. A flavour can be added to this base ingredient to provide a positive experience for vapers to enjoy.

Glycerin can be created from animal sources along with plant ones. However, it is the plant-based glycerin that is used to create the e-liquids we see on the market today. There are several reasons why you may wish to choose the glycerin-based option over the alternative.

It Has No Odour

This means the vaper can appreciate whatever flavour has been added to the e-liquid. It cannot be tainted by an overriding aroma coming from the vegetable glycerin component.

It Has a Sweeter Taste

Some vapers prefer a sweeter flavour when selecting their preferred e-liquid. Choosing a vegetable glycerin e liquid makes this possible, as the natural sweetness comes through. This works well with certain flavours, such as apple or other fruity options.

It Feels Smoother

No two e-cigarette users are going to have the same preferences when using e-liquids to help them stay away from real cigarettes. However, many enjoy a smoother feel when vaping. This is also referred to as the throat hit. Vegetable glycerin e liquid delivers this outcome far more strongly than the propylene glycol alternative. Thus, vapers who prefer naturally sweet flavours may prefer them added to this choice of base rather than the propylene glycol option.

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