What Can A Credit Repair Service In Rockledge, FL Do?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2017


In Florida, consumers review opportunities to repair their credit when they plan to make large purchases in the near future. These strategies could assist the consumer in improving their credit score and determining their credit-worthiness. A local credit repair service in Rockledge FL can provide help for these consumers.

Eliminating Outdated Debts

Any listings on the consumer’s credit report that are seven years or older can be removed from the consumer’s credit report under certain conditions. First, the debt cannot be a valid debt in which an account remains open, and the debt cannot be associated with a bankruptcy. The consumer can dispute qualifying debts with the credit bureaus directly, or their financial advisor can manage this task for them.

Setting Up a Settlement Offer

Smaller accounts or charge-offs that reflect poorly on the consumer’s credit should be managed quickly. The credit repair counselor can help the consumer negotiate a settlement offer with their credit, and this could reduce the debt by up to fifty percent. Typically, the credit will want a lump sum or a limited number of installments to pay off the debt; however, once it is paid off, the creditor must remove it from the consumer’s credit history.

Reviewing Ways to Settle Debts Faster

A credit counselor may also advise a consumer about how to settle debts faster. This could include adding a little extra cash each month to installment loan payments, and this value doesn’t have to be an excessive value. By adding the extra cash, the consumer can settle the debt at a faster rate and avoid common issues like late fees or additional finance charges.

Establishing New Lines of Credit

Consumers who haven’t used their credit in a long time will need to establish a new line of credit to boost their credit scores. According to credit counselors, an unsecured credit card account can provide this line of credit, and the consumer doesn’t have to start using it to improve their credit rating.

In Florida, consumers work with financial advisers and credit counselors to find new ways to settle debts. By settling negative debts faster, the consumer can restore their credit score and make larger purchases in the future. Consumers who need Credit Repair Service in Rockledge FL can visit Gitax.com right now.

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