What Can Cause Oklahoma City Sheetrock Cracks?

Posted By : alex , on Jul, 2014


Sheetrock is a great alternative for interior walls and normally looks great. From time to time, there is the possibility of Oklahoma City Sheetrock Cracks appearing. Before assuming the worst, it helps to know that sometimes cracks occur for reasons other than some dire issue with the frame of the house. Normal SettlingEvery type of home experiences some degree of settling as the years pass.

This can lead to the development of cracks in a wall or along the seam where two walls meet. It can even lead to the development of cracks above window and door frames. Fortunately, the only thing that is needed to repair the sheetrock is filling the cracks, smoothing the surface, and then applying a fresh coat of paint. Nail PopsWhen the settling is somewhat severe, an event known as nail pops can occur. This happens when the settling of the home leads to shifts with the sheetrock panels, but the nails supporting the panels remain in the same position.

The dragging effect will trigger Oklahoma City Sheetrock Cracks that are very noticeable. This problem can also be addressed by filling the pops, smoothing the walls, and repainting the surfaces. Foundation IssuesThere are times when the cracks are the result of a more serious situation. In particular, one or more sections of the foundation may be failing. When this is the origin of the problem, the professionals at Ramjackokc.com can help. By making repairs to the foundation and ensuring that it has the proper amount of support, it is possible to correct the problem with relative ease. From there, it is just a matter of making cosmetic repairs to the sheetrock, and the home will be as good as new.

The last thing that a homeowner should do is panic when a crack appears along one wall. Contact an expert and have the situation assessed. In many instances, the problem will be minor, and repairs will take very little time. When the reason for the cracks is serious, having the problem resolved quickly will protect the value of the home and also ensure that it remains habitable for many more years.

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