What Can Homeowners Expect From Professional Auto Glass Repair in Washington DC?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2018


When someone gets a ding or crack on their windshield, this can mean the vehicle is no longer safe to drive. Cracks and damage that appear in the field of vision of the driver can impede their ability to see. Some types of damage can easily be repaired, but some types may mean a windshield needs to be replaced. Knowing what to expect from Glass repair Washington DC is imperative for vehicle owners who are seeking these services.

How Is Windshield Damage Repaired?

When a windshield has been damaged, it is often possible for the owner to avoid replacement with Glass repair Washington DC. Glass repair specialists can come out to the person’s home or their place of business to perform the repair. Glass repairs are done in a timely manner and can often be carried out in under an hour. These are a few steps in the process, including the following.

  • The technician will first protect the vehicle’s hood and other surrounding areas to ensure they are not damaged during the repair process.
  • The dinged or cracked areas will need to be carefully cleaned to remove any debris or dirt that might be present.
  • Glass resin is then injected deep into the crack or ding so the area is properly repaired.
  • Using a special UV lamp, the resin is carefully cured so it is hardened and makes the damaged area stronger.
  • The excess resin is removed by being scraped away and the area is then cleaned and polished so the repair appears seamless.

Many types of glass damage can be repaired. If the damage is in the field of vision of the driver, the windshield may need to be replaced because the repair will cause some distortion. Small dings and cracks that are around six inches or less can be repaired in most cases so a vehicle owner can avoid the greater expense of replacement.

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